Developing knowledge, skills, awareness and responsiveness for citizen centric governance by involving all stakeholders in training activities and other related projects.


1.  To mainstream training in the process of governance

2.  To maintain high standards of training programmes.

3.  To make training a holistic and inclusive activity.

4.  To maximize opportunities for systematic reforms.


1.  Adopt competency-based approach to training

2.  Address the needs for developing professional knowledge, skills and attitudes for efficient and responsive civil service.

3.  Administer appropriate programmes to make training an on going and inclusive activity.

4.  Assess effectiveness of the training programmes on governance for achieving excellance.


1.  Implement the State Training Policy.

2.  Initiate systematic approach to training.

3.  Involve with department to formulate training plans.

4.  Introduce appropriate training programmes and methodologies for training.

5.  Institutionalize good practices for ATI to be a model organization.